SEO Services

Automotive Digital Marketing SEO Services

As part of Chumney & Associates' Website Management, our Digital Marketing department provides SEO services to ensure search engine domination. Title tags, meta descriptions, custom schema, anchor text. These terms might sound like hocus pocus, but they’re not. Instead, they are Search Engine Optimization tools. Your website sits in a galaxy of billions of other websites. These tools assemble the telescope that helps shoppers find your bright, shiny website and result in more visits, calls, leads, and foot traffic.

You’ll have custom URL extensions, meta-data titles and descriptions, image ALT tags, and micro-data tags based on keyword research for each content page. This content also goes through constant monitoring and revisions as well to ensure it’s always optimized for the best results possible! Your SEO-rich pages will inform your shoppers and satisfy the search engine crawlers looking for the most relevant information.